Second Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) with Seiche Ltd ‘Outstanding’

The University of Bath’s second KTP with Seiche Ltd has been awarded a Certificate of Excellence, with the highest grade of ‘Outstanding’, by Innovate UK.

Over three years of Research and Development, this partnership has developed a methodology for predicting sound propagation in complex underwater environments. For example, near the shores or in polar environments. This can be implemented in marine seismic surveys and pile driving.

Combining measurements of how loud some sounds are, with evidence-based modelling of how loud it can be at other places and times, enables effective and evidence-based mitigation zones; resulting in a safer environment for marine mammals.

The KTP, which ran from 2014-17, builds on a previous partnership with Seiche Ltd, who provide a range of solutions for passive acoustic monitoring.

The first KTP with Seiche Ltd, from 2012-14, was also awarded ‘Outstanding’. Led by Dr Adrian Evans, Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering, and Roy Wyatt, Managing Director of Seiche Ltd, the team started with developing a real time vision system, enhancing monitoring capabilities of marine mammals.

Roy Wyatt, Industrial Lead for both ‘Outstanding’ KTPs, says: “Congratulations to the Seiche and Bath teams for once again proving that the KTP programme brings together the best of academia and industry. They are furthering engineering innovation that can be immediately applied to provide real solutions to clients across the world.”

Dr Philippe Blondel, Department of Physics, was academic lead for the most recent ‘Outstanding’ KTP. He says: “Research is about discovering new things, and applying them to the real world. Rather than a quest for more academic papers, it should be firmly in tune with our society and its needs.

“Working with Seiche is a real pleasure, because of our common outlooks at making the oceans better and safer environments. We are extremely pleased that our results are evaluated as “Outstanding”, and this shows the great impact Physics can have on the world.”

KTP Associate, Guillermo Jimenez, is now employed by Seiche Ltd as an Acoustic Engineer. He says: “The KTP programme has greatly exceeded my expectations. The amount of resources available and the engagement of all those involved in the project really made the difference. This has been a great opportunity to progress in my career, and I would fully recommend it.”

KTPs are funded by Innovate UK to enhance knowledge and skills, strengthening competitiveness and our economy.

Graham Fisher, Industrial Partnerships Manager in Research and Innovation Services (RIS), says: “This is an excellent example where RIS has again assisted leading academics in working with a visionary company, through a funded project. This has achieved tangible knowledge transfer and contributed to increasing their Research Impact.”

Underwater Noise Pollution

Sounds-of-the-SeasListen to this BBC radio programme about underwater noise pollution and its effect on marine mammals.

The programme includes contributions from colleagues Ben Wilson and Denise Risch at SAMS in Oban, Scotland. Click here to listen.