Modular Buoy Systems

The Modular Buoy Detection System uses Passive Acoustic Monitoring (PAM) to provide a flexible approach to monitoring vocalising marine mammals and underwater noise.

The system consists of a remote moored buoy with a multi-element detachable hydrophone array suitable for mitigation and anthropological noise capture. Signals can be captured up to a sampling rate of 500 ks/s at 16 bit depth. The system can be configured to record the data locally within the buoy or remotely at the receiving station, whichever is required.

Further options include:
• Remote on/off via Radio Frequency (RF) link (868 Mhz)
• Real-time remote monitoring of audio via RF link (2.4 Ghz)
• Truly global remote control via Iridium
• Truly global GPS via Iridium


  • Marine mammal monitoring
  • Underwater vessel noise
  • Civil engineering projects
  • Ordnance clearance