Seiche is the UK’s leading specialist in underwater noise and marine mammal monitoring, providing marine technology and environmental service solutions for the offshore marine industries.

We enable our clients to comply with environmental regulations to protect marine life from the effects of sound in water. Regulatory guidelines are becoming increasingly stringent and we work with clients to provide practical technology and service solutions that meet these requirements.

Specialising in underwater acoustics and noise measurement, Seiche is the worldwide market leader in the provision of passive acoustic monitoring (PAM) equipment for the oil and gas, renewables, construction and marine science sectors. We also work with naval institutes around the world, supplying state-of-the art digital solutions for a variety of applications. With over 20 years’ experience and 250,000 days of deployment across the seven continents, Seiche’s success is based on our ability to supply the right equipment and people at the right time and in the right place.

Our Environmental, Bioscience and Training teams provide full service provision and support to clients across the world and we continue to invest heavily in Research and Development to keep ahead of changing market needs.


Drift Buoys Improve Underwater Noise Monitoring

The winter issue of Environment, Coastal and Offshore Magazine (ECO) highlights an article about our data loggers and drift buoys and how they were utilised to measure underwater noise on tidal turbines. This study aimed to identify the possible impact of such noise on marine life near the coast of Shetland. Don’t miss the opportunity […]


Measuring the vibrations of the ocean

Environmental Impact of High Amplitude Acoustic Signals on Fish and Invertebrates Why? The offshore renewable market is growing rapidly. High amplitude acoustic signals have been identified as a threat to marine life. Fish and invertebrates detect the particle motion of an acoustic field rather than the SPL. Particle motion must be measured indirectly to cover […]

Explore a whole new world of sound with LSTN2

LSTN2: The new low cost, high quality listening device for marine exploration, eco-tourism, research and recreational use. Features: • Auto on/off control by connecting/disconnecting the hydrophone • HiFi headphone preamplifier • Mono line out for further sound processing • Splash proof / water resistant unit What people say: “Drop the hydrophone in and start listening. […]

Scalare – Capacitive Transducer Power Amplifier

Introducing Scalare: Our New Capacitive Transducer Power Amplifier – designed to drive capacitive sonar transducers and similar capacitive loads. Capacitive transducers are notoriously difficult loads to drive for off-the-shelf amplifiers. These amplifiers are usually designed for the PA market and are for driving resistive loads. To overcome the difficulties of driving capacitive loads, impedance matching circuits […]