Seiche provides marine technology and environmental service solutions for the offshore marine industries.

We enable our clients to comply with environmental regulations to protect marine life from the effects of sound in water. Regulatory guidelines are becoming increasingly stringent and we work with clients to provide practical technology and service solutions that meet these requirements.

Specialising in underwater acoustics and noise measurement, Seiche is the worldwide market leader in the provision of passive acoustic monitoring (PAM) equipment for the oil and gas, renewables, construction and marine science sectors. We also work with naval institutes around the world, supplying state-of-the art digital solutions for a variety of applications. With over 20 years’ experience and 250,000 days of deployment across the seven continents, Seiche’s success is based on our ability to supply the right equipment and people at the right time and in the right place.

Our Environmental, Bioscience and Training teams provide full service provision and support to clients across the world and we continue to invest heavily in Research and Development to keep ahead of changing market needs.



Seiche is staying COVID-19 secure in 2022 by complying with the government’s guidance on managing the risk of COVID-19.


The new Hydraq QQ1000

We are excited to launch our new acoustic monitoring technology for Maritime Signature and Environmental Sectors. Developed in partnership with UK-based multinational defence technology company QinetiQ, Hydraq QQ1000, is a combination of acoustic and auxiliary sensors suitable for seabed, rising cable, or suspended cable deployment. Providing enhanced metrology, the instrumented hydrophone has applications spanning underwater […]


AutoNaut helps to monitor The Ocean Cleanup system

In support of The Ocean Cleanup mission, an AutoNaut Uncrewed Surface Vessel (USV) has been working alongside the marine plastics removing device as it navigates the GPGP. Since November 2018, one of our five-metre AutoNauts has been involved in a series of missions of up to 50 days’ duration, collecting a wealth of meteorological and […]

Digital Thin Line Array

Seiche’s Digital Thin Line Array is a high-performance, low-noise acoustic array that provides highly sensitive passive acoustic monitoring. The array measures just 20 mm in diameter and houses 8 digital hydrophone sensors, but can be configure for up to 32. The topside electronics are contained within a compact, robust housing. Each hydrophone sensor incorporates a […]

The Ocean Cleanup Environmental Monitoring results are now available

Our Seiche PAM buoys, marine mammal observers, technicians and AutoNaut Uncrewed Surface Vessels have been busy helping The Ocean Cleanup with its Environmental Monitoring programme. Take a look at the results of the first mission and watch the video showcasing our collaboration here.