Underwater Acoustics in the Marine Environment

Underwater noise in the marine environment is a topic of increasing importance. As concern has grown over its possible negative effects, regulatory requirements have become more stringent.wind-turbines-at-sea

Seiche is a recognised expert in underwater acoustics. We provide solutions to industry, defence and research sectors for mitigation, monitoring and modelling‎.

Get to grips with underwater acoustics and understand the noise issues that impact marine wildlife. Our four-day Marine Acoustics course is perfect for anyone working as a regulator, environmental consultant, researcher, policy, or environmental professional who needs to understand the regulatory environment. It will give you the knowledge you need to analyse and act on the recommendations in reports generated as a result of environmental legislation.

Delivered by leading research experts including Dr Paul Lepper and Professor Victor Humphrey, this course is CPD- recognised by the Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology (IMarEST) and is run in association with the University of Bath.

an-humpbacksThe course is intended for regulators, environmental consultants, researchers and policy/environmental professionals within industry.

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4 – 7 September 2023


£1,950 + VAT

For more information and details of how to book, please contact us at training@seiche.com