JNCC Marine Mammal Observer (MMO)

The JNCC accredited Marine Mammal Observer (MMO) course is run over one and a half days to provide comprehensive coverage of the MMO role, delivered by our approved trainers who have many years’ of MMO and marine mammal experience.

whale_125700947Insight to life offshore, the practicalities of the MMO role this training course will ensure a thorough preparation for all future MMOs. Persons from an industry background (and/or working alongside MMOs) will benefit from the full exploration and complexities of mitigation requirements. A scientific background will be an advantage to delegates and a keen interest in marine mammals is key.

A certificate for offshore work will be awarded upon successful completion of this course.

5% student discount for one course on proof of full and valid student status.

10% student discount for two full courses (when booking in conjunction with PAM level 1 course) on proof of full and valid student status.

This excludes the PSO additional modules course we now offer delegates who are the same day completing JNCC MMO training or have previously completed the JNCC MMO training.

The JNCC MMO course will be followed by a 3-day Passive Acoustic Monitoring (PAM) Level 1 course.


Delegates will get a thorough insight into all aspects of life as a marine mammal observer, during this interactive two-day course. Ideal for those aspiring to a career in marine mammal observation, this course is also useful for persons in industry working alongside an MMO and who want to gain a better understanding of the role. The course starts in the classroom with a look at what exactly an MMO does, exploring: how noise impacts marine mammals; the legislative landscape; record-keeping; reporting requirements; and mitigation measures. This professional qualification is accredited by the Joint Nature Conservation Committee (JNCC) and delegates who successfully complete the course will receive a certificate for offshore work. All MMOs working in the UK Continental Shelf are required to have been trained on a JNCC-accredited course.


Classroom: £185 + VAT. (Optional) PSO Additional Module: £65 + VAT

Remote: £185 + VAT. (Optional)  PSO Additional Module: £65 + VAT


Delegates should have a scientific background and have a keen interest in marine mammals.


Day 1

Anthropogenic Noise in the Sea

Effects of Noise on Marine Mammals

Legislative Background

Role of the MMO

JNCC Mitigation in Practice: Seismic Surveys, Vertical Seismic Profiling, Piling and Explosives

ID of UK Marine Mammals

Day 2 

Introduction to PAM

Reporting Requirements

Recording Forms in Practice

“The course was great and was delivered excellently. Everything was very clear and it was engaging from start to finish.” Robert Baldwin 5Oceans


Nick Duthie delivers our PAM Level 1 courses and has 21 years’ experience as a Passive Acoustic Monitoring Technician, MMO and Noise Monitoring Technician. He has in-depth knowledge throughout PAMGuard’s development and use in real time monitoring on a wide variety of vessels and spent the past two decades working as a freelance PAM Technician. Nick’s current role is a Senior Marine Scientist in the Bioscience Team at Seiche.


Delegates who have completed our JNCC MMO course often progress to the 3-day Passive Acoustic Monitoring (PAM) Level 1 course. The PAM Level 1 course will equip you with the skills required to become an offshore PAM operator while widening your knowledge of acoustic monitoring and increasing your understanding of industry requirements for environmental mitigation.


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