The Team

Sarah Hancock

Sarah leads the team at Seiche Training and oversees all its UK and international activities. In her five years running the company, she’s expanded the range of courses on offer and is continually exploring new partnerships and opportunities in the marine sector.

Previously, Sarah worked at the RAW Group, an environmental contamination company based in Exeter, in its Environmental Science group. She graduated from Plymouth University with a B.Sc. in Environmental Sciences.

Stephanie Barnicoat

Stephanie was awarded her BSC in Marine Biology from Bangor University, and subsequently her MSc in Biological Diversity from University of Plymouth. She is a valued member of the Bioscience Group at Seiche as a specialist in bioacoustics and marine mammals. With extensive experience working offshore as an environmental consultant, she carries out visual and acoustic surveys on seismic exploration projects, windfarm installations and in marine mammal research around the world.

Stephanie also develops and delivers courses for Seiche, including the PAM Levels 1 & 2, the MMO and PSO courses. She has been awarded level 3 in teaching training. Her other roles include: data analysis for the presence of marine mammals in acoustic data, environmental monitoring, and the installation and operation of PAM systems in the field. With her wealth of knowledge on various PAM hardware systems and software, Stephanie provides technical support for offshore operators.

In her spare time, she is a member of the British Diver Marine Life Rescue (BDMLR) team where she assists in the rescue and rehabilitation of abandoned or injured seal pups and other marine fauna. She is also on the committee for a local conservation group where she carries out marine mammal surveys.

Lorenzo Scala

Lorenzo delivers our PAM Level 1 and also Level 2 courses. He is a lead offshore technician at Seiche and provides technical support for acoustic systems and offshore operators. Lorenzo completed his masters in Marine & Fisheries Science from the University of Aberdeen in 2008.

Lorenzo has worked as a consultant to the offshore industry and renewables sector in the roles of PAM operator and MMO for several years. He has specific expertise in the installation, maintenance and deployment of acoustic hydrophone systems on seismic surveys and offshore piling and explosives decommissioning projects. He also has experience in sound source verification (SSV) surveys and installing infra-red camera monitoring systems for detection of marine mammals.

Dr Nikhil Banda

Nikhil is a Research engineer at Seiche and a visiting research fellow at the Department of Physics, University of Bath. Nikhil was award an MSc and a PhD in underwater acoustics from ISVR, University of Southampton and an M.Tech from IIT Delhi in machine design. He has extensive research experience in both commercial and academic settings in various interdisciplinary fields of underwater acoustics (low and high-frequencies), oceanography, experimental studies in tanks, and design.

He is currently working on developing an active acoustic detection system for marine mammals and in using acoustic signals for target detection in waveguides. His previous work experience includes high-intensity ultrasonic systems, microbubble generation, and experimental studies in liquid waveguides. He has a practical knowledge of marine acoustic signal processing, acoustic modelling, and in geoacoustics. Nikhil has a keen interest in combining the strength of various cross-specialities and in identifying potential solutions to real-world problems.  

He believes in a hands-on and practical approach to teaching and in simplifying difficult concepts so they can be used to solve commercial and practical problems. His other interests include outreach to young students and amateur astronomy.