Digital Thin Line Array

Seiche’s Digital Thin Line Array is a high-performance, low-noise acoustic array that provides highly sensitive passive acoustic monitoring.

Digital Thin Line arrayThe array measures just 20 mm in diameter and houses 8 digital hydrophone sensors, but can be configured for up to 32. The topside electronics are contained within a compact, robust housing.

Each hydrophone sensor incorporates a miniature low-noise amplifier and 20 bit A/D converter. A high signal-to-noise ratio is achieved through digitizing the signal before transmission. Sensors are configurable in real tidigital-thin-line-array-1667108-smallme to enable gain and low-cut filters to be adjusted. Specific frequencies, for example aircraft locator beacons, can be targeted for detection. Real-time data can be transmitted onward over Ethernet for display and/or processing.

Modules are positioned at key points within the array to acquire environmental and orientation data, including: 3-axis compass, attitude, pressure and temperature (CAPT).

The array enables synchronous sampling and advanced techniques such as beam forming.