Towed PAM

Our flagship Passive Acoustic Monitoring system is extensively deployed worldwide.

It is robust, reliable and available at short notice in a number of configurations. Towed PAM is able to detect, localise and track vocalizing marine mammals in real-time. It is vital for mitigation during hours of darkness and poor visibility.

The base system comprises an array cable of 250m, deck cable, audio processing unit, computer and headphones. PAMGuard software is integrated as standard to aid detection and localization of marine mammals

vikingvisionThe system can readily be configured to suit the project. A heavy tow 230m cable with a detachable array section of 20m may be preferred for harsh environments. A networked system can enable monitoring from the most convenient location onboard. Frequency response, within a range of 20Hz and 200kHz, can also be customised for species of interest and optimal performance. Equipment is provided with 100% back-up.


  • Marine mammal mitigation
  • Marine mammal monitoring