Dual Camera System (Thermal Imaging / High Definition)

Our Smart Visual Detection System (SVDS) is a new, compact, marinised and powerful camera system designed to provide high-definition video (HDV) and infrared (IR) imagery of the waters surrounding a vessel enabling consistent 24-hour visual monitoring.

The SVDS camera system consists of: High Definition Video (HDV) and Long-Wave Infrared (LWIR) & thermal imaging camera pair, with on-board processing and storage. Each unit is housed robustly for maritime use. Various configuration options are available to ensure optimal visual coverage and ranges up to 360 degrees.

Our new generation camera system builds on our decades of experience of visual and underwater
acoustic maritime monitoring combined with technologies originally found in self-driving
vehicles. The cameras are more robust, compact, and lighter, making them easier to ship, and install,
thereby reducing operational costs. Boasting lower power consumption and 1000x more powerful
computing than the previous generation systems, our new cameras are capable of real-time on-board
automated detection. For improved data security our cameras have built-in encrypted SSD storage to
allow continuous data capture even during network interruption or observer workstation down time.
The improved pan and tilt system allows for user configurable automatic scanning of an area up to
360 degrees.