Seiche Environmental offers complete environmental packages to our clients across the world in the oil and gas, offshore renewables, marine construction and engineering as well as marine science sectors.

Our highly experienced team brings years of international experience providing clients with up to date advice on underwater acoustic measurement, monitoring and mitigations requirements as well as environmental compliance and governmental regulatory assistance. Our dedicated and experienced in-house Project Managers ensure that our clients obtain quality and international capability to manage various offshore projects effectively.

Our MMOs are JNCC/BOEM/DOC certified and pass strict recruitment and vetting process with Seiche Environmental Management. Local content can be offered where required.

Seiche Environmental provides experienced in-house PAM Operatives and Technicians who are highly skilled at operating our diverse range of acoustic systems on a day-to-day basis or in challenging circumstances and have an excellent understanding of underwater acoustics.

Within the Seiche Water Technology Group (SWTG), Seiche Environmental promote SWTG’s technology, experience and services into a wider marketplace and offer complete service packages increasing our revenue from projects.

What we offer:

  • Environmental baseline surveys
  • Marine mammal risk and impact assessments
  • Marine mammal observation
  • Passive Acoustic Monitoring operators
  • Passive Acoustic Monitoring equipment
  • Fisheries Liaison Officers
  • Acoustic modelling and sound source verification services
  • Full project management
  • Full analysis and comprehensive reports

For more information, please contact: environmental@seiche.com