Seiche Ltd Undertakes Underwater Acoustic Field Verification Survey and Marine Mammal Mitigation in Northern Spain for ACSM

Seiche Ltd were selected by ACSM earlier this year to provide pre-survey modelling, underwater acoustic verification for two pieces of equipment (Sparker and SBP) to verify how they would affect marine mammals in the area along with continuous Acoustic and Visual Marine Mammal Mitigation services.

Seiche Ltd is a global leader in passive acoustic monitoring technology and marine mitigation and boasts  significant expertise in the field of maritime environmental monitoring. Their experience of providing environmental support for offshore surveys combined with their monitoring, mitigation and technological development credentials made them the ideal project partner for this work.

ACSM is a global leading provider of subsea services with 20 years of expertise within the offshore energy industry. They deliver a whole range of offshore services, from fleet and personnel management to ROV Inspections and Surveys throughout the life-cycle of a subsea asset: from pre-engineering assessment, through construction and installation, IMR to decommissioning. A key speciality is the provision of subsea services and solutions to the Oil & Gas, submarine cables and renewables markets.

This project represented a full cycle of environmental support for an offshore survey – from the pre-survey modelling done in-house with the team of our acoustic scientists, through acoustic field verification with Seiche bespoke equipment, survey design by our BioScience’s team to full marine mammal mitigation scope with our consultant MMOs and PAM operators and in-house build PAM system designed to acoustically detect various species of resident marine mammals. 

“This was a great project for us. We showcased our extensive range of capabilities including a pre-survey modelling including estimation of the marine mammal impact ranges for the specific equipment used, the in-field measurements to verify this model
model predictions with our bespoke PAM buoy equipment and the full marine mammal mitigation support during the survey with our consultant MMOs and PAM operators and effective PAM system .”

Amanda Hyam, Associate Director Environmental Services

Image Credit: © 2021 OSV Nautilus at sea. Courtesy of ASCM.