Collaboration with Jan De Nul Group to test automated marine mammal detection during offshore activities

Seiche Ltd is collaborating with Jan De Nul Group to start a two-month pilot project to test the A.I capacity and visual reach of Seiche’s new second-generation HD thermal cameras on board the vessel Adhémar de Saint-Venant, currently working in the Netherlands.

The aim of the collaboration is to re-invent the detection and protection of marine mammals in the dredging and offshore construction business on projects worldwide and is a first step towards the fully automated detection of marine mammals, thereby setting a new standard to increase the level of protection of marine mammals and to reduce safety risks, costs and impact upon the environment.

As a global leader in passive acoustic monitoring technology and marine mitigation, this trial will allow Seiche to collect the necessary data for testing and fine-tuning the A.I. capacity of the automated detection function and the visual distances these cameras can cover.

The project was initiated by four employees of Jan De Nul, as part of their internal innovation challenge and proposed using this innovative technology during marine offshore operations. A team from Jan De Nul and Seiche travelled to Rotterdam to install the detection system on board. The combined visual and thermal cameras, secured to high points on the vessel for an increased visual reach, will be fully tested over the coming two months.

Nicola Harris, Associate Director of Environmental Services at Seiche Ltd commented: “We are really excited to be working with Jan De Nul on the testing phase of our new camera systems – allowing us to really showcase the enhanced capabilities of the new devices. It is really great to see construction companies like Jan De Nul showing an active interest in developing such key tools for protecting the environment.”

Inge Van Tomme, Director of the KPI Department at Jan De Nul Group: “The idea of automated mammal detection originated from an internal JDN Innovation Challenge. We chose this competition entry as the outright winner, out of many other viable ideas. By joining forces with a well experienced technology solution partner as Seiche Ltd., we are convinced that we can re-invent the way of detecting and protecting marine mammals for the whole dredging and offshore construction business on projects worldwide.”