New Product Launch! RTSM Buoy

Launched at Oceanology 2024, our Real-Time Sound Measurement Buoy is a remote monitoring system that can collect, measure, process and transmit noise monitoring data in real-time.

Our RTSM buoy is a lightweight, compact and scalable solution to collecting noise monitoring data. Data is collected in real-time via a hydrophone deployed beneath the remote buoy, making the set-up, management and collection of data seamless in real time.

Applications include:

  • Monitoring of offshore pile driving noise
  • Real time monitoring of compliance with noise limits
  • Live management of acoustic emissions during piling

Download our datasheet here for more information.

Seiche Group Awarded SafeContractor

Exciting News from Seiche Group!

We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve been awarded the prestigious SafeContractor accreditation! This achievement reflects our commitment to prioritising our processes and maintaining the highest standards to quality, safety and sustainability.

The Alcumus SafeContractor Certification demonstrates to our clients and partners that they can have complete confidence in our ability to deliver projects with the utmost attention to safety and ethics. It also reaffirms our commitment to maintaining the highest industry standards, which sets us apart as a reliable and responsible choice in our sector.

A huge thanks to everyone who contributed to this certification at Seiche.

Training Courses for 2024

Our training calendar for 2024 has just been confirmed. No matter what stage of your career you’re at, there’s something for everyone.

To register or for more information, email or visit our training page

Underwater Sounds – Live stream

Tune in to live recordings of underwater sounds captured by hydrophones nestled on the seabed at Middelfart, Denmark. This marine protected area is a bustling hub for harbour porpoises, and a collaborative effort between Aarhus University, Naturpark Lillebaelt, and Seiche is bringing real-time monitoring of porpoise activity and ambient sound levels.

Our mission? To unravel the mysteries of why this area is pivotal for porpoises, how their activity ebbs and flows over 24-hour cycles and throughout the year, and the impact of human activities on their behaviour. Using cutting-edge software, we remotely access and manage the system online, with audio and visual feeds streamed directly to the Seiche YouTube channel.

The displays vary depending on how researchers are viewing the data: you may see a spectrogram of ambient sounds, or a map with the tracks of larger vessels (AIS reports), or you may see a click detector display, where porpoise clicks are automatically displayed as red triangles. The audio you will hear blends low-frequency background noises with high-frequency porpoise clicks, that have been dropped down into our hearing range by signal processing techniques (the audible output of an envelope detector).

Live Stream – Middlefart, Denmark

Drift Buoys Improve Underwater Noise Monitoring

The winter issue of Environment, Coastal and Offshore Magazine (ECO) highlights an article about our data loggers and drift buoys and how they were utilised to measure underwater noise on tidal turbines. This study aimed to identify the possible impact of such noise on marine life near the coast of Shetland.

Don’t miss the opportunity to read the article on page 18/19 by clicking on the following link:

Plymouth Marine Laboratory raise the roof with Seiche’s remote monitoring AI camera.

As part of their ongoing work to expand AI monitoring capabilities, Plymouth Marine Laboratory are testing the capabilities of our dual camera system on the roof of their laboratory looking out over the Plymouth Sound.

Focusing on the long-range detection of boats, birds and marine life, our thermal imaging and high definition camera complements PML’s current remote monitoring technology, with further trials in the pipeline. 

We look forward to the findings of the observation!

Seiche Group Awarded ISO Certification

It is with great pleasure we can announce that Seiche Water Technology Group (SWTG) consisting of Seiche, Ashridge Engineering and Autonaut USV, have reached another major milestone in the development of the Group. On Thursday 18th May SWTG were informed of our success in achieving the standard required for ISO 9001:2015 (Quality) and 14001:2015 (Environmental) Certification.

We are delighted in sharing the great news with our customers and followers, in recognition of all the hard work and dedication that our teams have shown in reaching this achievement.

Seiche Ltd and Deep Vision Inc. Announce Collaboration to Develop Real-time Camera System for Automated Detection, Geo-location and Quantification of Marine Mammals

Seiche Ltd and Deep Vision Inc. have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to establish a collaborative relationship in support of their respective business interests.

Seiche has expertise in the field of maritime environmental monitoring; in particular, Seiche has developed a unique camera system, as implemented in their Mini Dual Camera, that has been specifically designed to aid the observation and monitoring of marine mammals (and other surface, and near surface objects).

Deep Vision has expertise in the field of computer vision and unsupervised machine learning; in particular, Deep Vision has developed a highly advanced, unique, passive EO/IR technology that provides robust, real-time detection and tracking of marine mammals, vessels and other maritime assets on, or near, the surface of the water.

Under this MoU, the two companies will advance collaborative efforts to develop a real-time camera-based system that can automatically detect, geo-locate, and quantify the presence of marine mammals and other maritime assets. The system will be resilient under all weather conditions and operable at both surface level and above, e.g. mast mounted for ships. By leveraging state-of-the-art unsupervised machine learning techniques, the system will be truly autonomous.

Both Seiche and Deep Vision have strongly aligned environmentally focused business goals and feel that this partnership will be mutually beneficial both for their respective organisations and for their key stakeholders.

Mark Burnett, CEO of Seiche Ltd, comments:  “We are excited to be working with Deep Vision and their cutting-edge technologies,  particularly their software capabilities that can rapidly assess changes in the environment and automatically tune detection algorithms to optimise performance.  Our Seiche camera systems are currently providing environmental monitoring to clients around the world and this is an important next step in the provision of this technology to further protect marine life.”

Alan Parslow, CEO, Deep Vision, adds: “We are thrilled to be working with Seiche, one of the most respected and forward-looking environmental monitoring companies on the planet. We are confident that the proposed system, once realised, will become a significant tool in protecting marine life. We are certain that such a tool is crucial for the ultimate survival of the North Atlantic right whale.”  

Image: North Atlantic Right Whale – Courtesy of NOAA Photo Library.

Seiche Water Technology Group appoints Pete Bromley to Group Engineering Director

UK headquartered Seiche Water Technology Group has announced that Pete Bromley has been appointed as Group Engineering Director with immediate effect.

Pete will be leading the new product development lines, forging new synergies across the engineering teams and overseeing technical road maps for the individual operating companies.

Pete began his career at BAE Systems within its Underwater Systems Division. During his 9 years with the company, his role included software development, systems engineering and project management. He moved on to Tidal Energy Ltd as Engineering Manager where he was instrumental in the design and deployment of the DeltaStream project – the first full scale tidal energy device to be installed and grid connected in Wales in 2016. Prior to taking up his Group role, Pete was Technical Manager and then Managing Director at AutoNaut Ltd.

Pete’s first priority will be to finalise Seiche’s new mini thermal-imaging and Ultra HD camera system with automated cetacean detection software coming to market in early 2021. This compact, marinised and powerful camera system with gyro stabilisation is designed for marine mammal observation and a range of surveillance and survey operations to meet the regulatory demands required for offshore wind developers and offshore energy contractors across the world.

Pete comments: “I am really excited to take up this role as Seiche Group evolves to meet new market needs, particularly in the offshore renewables sector. Our engineering teams are working flat out to deliver innovative technologies to our clients with a key focus on enhanced autonomy, AI and data fusion.”

Pete will continue to provide technical leadership for the AutoNaut USV development as part of the Seiche Group.

Successful environmental mitigation services programme with Triton Knoll concludes

Our eight-month environmental mitigation services programme with Triton Knoll came to an end last week once the final pile was installed. It was an honour to work with RWE Renewables who put the safety of personnel and the environment first and foremost. Biggest thanks to our incredible team of MMO and PAM Operators who showed so much flexibility and commitment through these COVID times. Read more here.