SPL TOOLBOX is Seiche’s new proprietary Source Pressure Level Field Data Processing and Analysis Software.

It allows underwater acoustic and navigation data to be processed, analysed and interpreted for actionable and understandable results to clients.

Regulators are increasingly recognising the value of field data and mandating their use in operational planning.

SPL TOOLBOX has the capability to reveal the temporal, spatial and spectral characteristics of a sound field produced by one or more underwater acoustic sources. It integrates a variety of tools that provide the versatility necessary to adapt to the specific requirements of each project, while following a seamless four-stage methodology (data import, processing, revision and post-processing/representation).



Sound Source Verification

Ambient and soundscape studies

Environmental Impact Assessment

Exclusion zone estimation



Processing of continuous and transient sounds

Support for WAV and RAW audio formats

Support for GPS, AIS and P190 navigation formats

Automatic detection of individual, transient sources (e.g. air guns, pile strikes, sonar)

Single event (SPLrms, SPL0-p, SPLp-p, SEL) and multiple event (cSEL) acoustic metrics

Broadband and frequency band analysis

Calculation of navigation parameters for receiver and sources, including speed, course, range, bearing and bearing-to-source heading angle

Marine mammal auditory weighting based on latest research, current and older legislation, as well as guidelines for Europe and the US

Spatial, temporal and spectral representations of processed acoustic measurements, for single events or in the form of statistical analysis

Practical graphic user interface (GUI)

Estimation of exclusion zones for marine mammals

Generation of lightweight database per audio file containing settings parameters and processed acoustic and navigation data