The new MicroPAM is a full PAM monitoring and mitigation system in small, highly portable package.

It is IP67-rated and designed for use in tough, marine environments. Featuring interchangeable hydrophone cables in single or multi-sensor arrays it may be used as an autonomous sound recorder, or linked to a laptop computer for real-time monitoring.



Underwater recorder package for Unmanned Surface Vessels

Towed hydrophone surveys from small vessels such as RIBs

Calibrated noise measurements

Real-time mitigation monitoring over telemetry, from moored PAM buoys and rafts

Ad hoc sound recording and mitigation from small boats or fixed platforms




Ruggedised aluminium case, IP67 rated with EMI shielding

Connect arrays of up to four hydrophones and low-noise preamplifiers

Custom cable length options, frequency response and preamplifier gain

Array depth sensor and other non-acoustic sensors available

GPS and GPS-compass data acquisition

Single-board computer, i5 processor, 8 Gb RAM

Windows and Java platforms to support PAMGuard software

Customisable ADC options for sampling rates up to 500 kHz/ch, 16-bit precision

Continuous data-recording for up to 30 days (1 ch, 500 kHz sampling rate)

Powered from a quiet DC source, 12-24 V

Average current consumption 12 W

Ethernet, serial, USB and external monitor ports

Optional wireless connectivity

Stereo headphone output

Dimensions: W 206 mm, H 87 mm, D 260 mm



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